Food Industry

EMBONOR – Industrial Watewater Treatment Plant Client: Embonor Co.

Location: Arica, XV Region, Chile

Date: September 2015

Flow:  10,42 m3/h

Flow: 500 kg DBO/d

Industrial wastewater treatment using MBR technology.

The process comprises equalization, pH control, nutrient dosing, and MBR biological treatment system.

The project included engineering, equipment supplying, assembling and start-up.

COLUN - INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER Treatment Plant Client: Colun

Location: La Unión, XIV Región, Chile

Date: February 2014

Flow:  37 m3/h

Load: 2.387 kg DQO/d

Industrial wastewater plant for Colun. The treatment system comprises a chemical-assisted primary treatment (DAF) followed by an anaerobic UASB treatment and an aerobic MBR Reactor.

The project also considers UV disinfection, liming and dewatering of sludge, and an odor treatment system.

The scope of the project includes engineering, equipment supplying, constructing, assembling and commissioning.

TEAM FOODS –INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER Treatment Plant Client: Team Foods

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia

Date: February 2014

Flow:  7,21 m3/h

Load: 138 kg DQO/d

Designing and supplying a industrial wastewater treatment plant comprising DAF primary system, a biological MBBR treatment and sludge dewatering using drying beds.

TANTEHUE – Hog Manure Treatment

Client: Agrosuper

Location: Melipilla, XIII Region, Chile

Date: 2005

Flow:  92,33 m3/h

Load: 17.856 kg DBO/d

Hog Manure treatment system, which consists of an extended aeration activated sludge system, including nutrient removal. The process includes equalization, thickening and primary sludge dewatering, biological system with an anoxic and activated sludge process and a biological sludge dewatering system.

RAMIRANA –Hog Manure treatment

Client: Agrosuper

Location: Rancagua, XIII Region, Chile

Date: 2004

Flow:  70 m3/h

Load: 13.106 kg DBO/d

Hog Manure treatment system consisting of a DAF primary system, activated sludge in extended aeration mode and sludge dewatering.

TALSA – Sewage Water Treatment

Client: Talsa

Location: Peru

Date: July 2016

Flow:  20,83 m3/h

Load: 212 kg DQO/d

Industrial wastewater treatment system using MBBR biological treatment, sedimentation, disinfection and tertiary filtration.

Salmon farming


Client: Agroindustrial Santa Cruz

Location: Puerto Montt, X Region, Chile

Date: December 2014

Flow:  70 m3/h

Load: 1.020 kg SST/d

Industrial wastewater treatment system at Santa Cruz Agroindustry aquaculture fishery. The process consists of industrial wastewater elevation to equalizer, fine screening, elevation and equalization to DAF primary treatment, as well as a disinfection stage and sludge dewatering and conditioning.

The project consisted of engineering, equipment supply electro mechanic assembling and start-up supervision.


Client: Marine Harvest

Location: Puerto Chacabuco, XI Region, Chile

Date: August 2016

Flow:  100 m3/h

Load: 4.536 kg DQO/d

Industrial wastewater treatment plant design comprising a DAF chemical and physical treatment and sludge treatment.

The process comprises effluent pumping from existing elevation plant, automatic fine screening, equalization and pH adjustment prior to the primary DAF treatment followed by disinfection, dewatering of sludge.

The project included civil works, assembling and start-up.