MICHILLA - Screening of Solids from Sea Water Intake Client: Minera Esperanza

Location: Michilla, II Region, Chile

Date: Jun 2009

Flow: 5,600 m3/h

Esperanza Mining, sea water Intake screening system. The project involves two filtration supply lines and extraction of solids.

Each filtration line has an automatic chain grid with a 50-mm pass-through to retain larger solids followed by a 6-mm self-cleaning chain filter.

This project includes engineering, equipment supply and assembly supervision.

HOCHSCHILD -PTAM Project Mining of Pallancata Client: Hochschild

Location: Pallancata, Ayacucho, Peru

Date: December 2015

Flow: 360 m3/h

Water  coming from the mine containing solids is treated in a coagulation and flocculation system.

The process involves the flocculation of solids and polymer preparation/dosing system.

Anglo American CHAGRES Client: Anglo American

Location: Chagres,

V Region, Chile

Date: December 2015

Caudal: 6,5 m3/h

Design of two clarification systems with a Lamella® Clarifier and three dewatering systems for solids coming from two gas washing towers (Quench) at the Chagres copper smelter, Anglo American Chile.

The project included engineering, equipment supplying, assembling supervision and start-up supervision.


LAS BAMBAS – Drinking Water Treatment Plant Client: Xstrata Copper

Location: Las Bambas, Peru

Date: Mayo 2012

Two potable water systems to produce drinking water, considering filtration, disinfection and holding tank.
OGP1 –

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: Escondida Mining Co.

Location: Antofagasta, II Region, Chile

Date: January 2012

Flow: 52,5 m3/h

Load: 420 kg DBO/d

Wastewater treatment plant, including 6 treatment lines. Each line has a reactor tank for the biological treatment and clarifiers. Sludge digestion and disinfection tanks are common to several lines of the process.

The process comprises the following stages: coarse screening, equalization, fine screening, conventional biological treatment, sedimentation and disinfection. Sludge treatment consisting of digestion and thickening, and sludge dewatering,

ECOP-920 – Domestic waste water Treatment Plant Client: Escondida Mining Co.

Location: Antofagasta, II Region, Chile

Date: March 2011

Flow: 38,16 m3/h

Load: 230 kg DBO/d

The design involves equalizing water to take it to 3 compact treatment lines for biological treatment using activated sludge in conventional aeration.

The process comprises coarse solid screening, water discharge and equalization, fine screening, activated sludge, sedimentation and disinfection treatment. In addition, sludge treatment consisting of digestion, thickening, and dewatering.

SEWELL Y BARAHONA – Domestic Waste water Treatment Plant Client: Codelco

Location: Sewell, VI Region, Chile

Date: February 2010

Sewell: 64 m3/h
Barahona: 48 m3/h


Biological treatment with activated sludge process in extended aeration and sludge treatment.

The process comprises primary treatment with a coarse screen, equalization and biological treatment with extended aeration, sedimentation and disinfection. In addition, sludge treatment consists of thickening, digestion, dewatering and sludge storage.