Municipal Water & Waste Water

Drinking Water

Arsenic Removal System


Client: Aguas del Altiplano

Location: Tarapacá, I Region, Chile

Date: May 2016

Flow: 2.700 m3/h

Design and provision of arsenic removal system including, coagulation system and 14 horizontal filters of dual media-bed.

The project included designing, equipment supplying, constructing (by others), assembling and start-up.

LOTA – Water Treatment System for Purification




Client: Essbio

Location: Colcura Bajo, VIII Region, Chile

Date: February 2014

Flow: 72 m3/h

Water treatment system for potabilization, by means of coagulation – flocculation system and a Lamella® plate clarifier.

The project included designing, equipment supplying, assembling and start-up.



TRAIGUÉN – Municipal Wastewater

Client: Aguas de la Araucanía, ESSAR

Location: Traiguén, IX Region, Chile


Flow: 388 m3/h

Load: 686 kg DBO/d

Treatment, disinfection and final disposal of wastewater from Traiguén using activated sludge.

The process includes fine screens, sand and grease removal, followed by a biological treatment of conventional activated sludge, and UV disinfection.

This project included designing, equipment supply, constructing, assembling and start-up.

NUEVO SUR – Treatment of Odorous Gases

Client: ESSBIO

Location: Rengo, VI Region, Chile

Date: November 2013

Odoriferous gas treatment system for La Isla wastewater treatment plant.

The project includes a biofiltration system for odors treatment coming from grid and pump chambers. The system includes  the encapsulation of the elevation station, grid chambers and a biofilter built in PRFV tanks. In addition, the system involves a scrubber system as gas pretreatment before the biofilter.

Scope of the project was designing, supplying, constructing works, assembling and commissioning.

ESSBIO – Mobile Dewatering System

Client: ESSBIO

Date: 2015

Supply of a mobile dewatering system using  belt filter technology for a wastewater treatment plant.

FUTALEUFÚ – Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: ESSAL

Location: Futaleufú, X Region, Chile

Date: 2004

Flow:  10,7 m3/h

Load: 75 kg DBO/d

Design and supply of a wastewater treatment plant in Futaleufu consisting of a package plant.

This process comprises pretreatment, grit removal/degreaser, conventional activated sludge treatment, sedimentation, UV disinfection, sludge digestion and dewatering.

Scope of project includes designing, equipment supplying, constructing, assembling, start-up and a guaranteed operation.