By carefully analyzing the situation to be solved, Ecopreneur will design and optimize a solution that accords with the customer’s needs and requirements and submit a suitable proposal. Main unit operations will be defined to complete a work flowchart. Lastly, Ecopreneur will develop an instrumentation and process chart (P&ID) to succinctly understand the process, instrumentation and equipment that will be used.

To design a solution and evaluate the project, it is essential to present key documents like descriptive memory, control philosophy, equipment list, investment budget, layout and demand of space and Gantt chart, among others.


Studies and designs are carried out to define each aspect of the solution. Detail engineering is essential to provide key information and develop an achievable solution that accomplishes the project’s goals. This stage takes into account the development of electrical, hydraulic, structural and mechanical engineering and other specialties the project requires to achieve optimal development.


Ecopreneur relies on strategic suppliers who can provide equipment according to the particular needs of each process or solution, defining the equipment, material, power and quality standards, among many others. The technicians and engineers’ experience and support allows the company to provide specific advice on the appropriate selection of suitable equipment for each project.


The assembly of equipment and structures belonging to a treatment plant can be mechanical, electrical or hydraulic and will be placed where it meets the clients’ needs. The service will supply all necessary elements so that the assembly will fit each project’s requirements.


According to the detail engineering previously defined, Ecopreneur provides the following service: construction of civil work to implement the project properly, including slabs, foundation blocks, channels, concrete ponds, electric transmission lines and electric rooms, among others. This allows to offer turnkey projects or contracts such as EPC or EPCM.

In general terms, the construction includes electrical and civil work to provide the treatment plant with accurate support in compliance with the established standard.


The supplies delivered by Ecopreneur include those needed in the start-up phase, which involves operational tests and commissioning, putting the facilities into service and training the operator staff and their supervisors. Additionally, compliance with regulations and any other parameters deemed advisable are verified.

After a successful start-up in which the expected results have been obtained, Ecopreneur will confirm the treatment plant is ready to start operations without any inconvenience.


Operation services will be performed at the period of time immediately following the start-up process as requested by the customer.

The project scope includes preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment involved. In addition, main process variables will be controlled during the operation to evaluate proper functioning of the treatment plant.