Energy and Other Industries

Currently, Ecopreneur group operates in Chile, Peru and Colombia and has developed more than 350 water treatment projects. The company has been part of the Power industry, implementing water treatment technologies in partnership with associations and irrigation channel management companies for over 21 years. The specialist team works alongside the customers and make the diagnosis, quantify and determine the requirements together. They have planned the best treatment options, together accomplishing a fair economic-technical balance.

Featured Solutions

Ecopreneur provides solid and flexible solutions and a high automation level to an industry that demands high standards. Above all, solutions must ensure their discharges comply with facing fluctuations in flows and concentrations.

Ecopreneur has developed projects to address the vast majority of energy generating companies’ needs and requirements. Treatment systems have been implemented for applications such as:

  • Boiler washing effluents treatment
  • Oil water separation
  • Liquid waste treatment from chimney scrubbers
  • Gates and equipment for hydraulic projects
  • Online flow measurement and parameters on hydraulic lines of hydro-electric power plants
  • Sewage treatment from camps, housing or office facilities
  • Potable water plants