Currently, Ecopreneur is located in Chile, Peru and Colombia, where it has developed over 350 water treatment projects.

In order to develop a project according to your goals, Ecopreneur provides the highest customized standards, ensuring quality, meeting of deadlines, and results through our IMS (Integrated Management System) including ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. In addition, Ecopreneur has been successfully registered on the most demanding suppliers’ records of the market (SICEP, REGIC, among others).

It is significant to point out that Ecopreneur operates mining projects located in countries with adverse geographic conditions. These projects are high-altitude (over 3,000 or even 4,000 masl), located in remote places where there are few services and no chance of getting support service. This has led to the development of methodologies and designs for implementing projects to ensure compliance with the goals and plug & play, robust, and flexible compact systems which are easy to operate and maintain.

Featured Clients

Due to our high standards and technical expertise, we have reached key players in the market such as:

  • BHP Billiton, (Minera Escondida, Chile)
  • Angloamerican (Los Bronces y Chagres, Chile)
  • Angloamerican-Glencore (Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Puerto Patache, Chile)
  • Barrick Gold (Proyecto Pascua Lama, Chile-Argentina)
  • Lumina Cooper, (Caserones, Chile)
  • Codelco (El Teniente, Ventanas, El Salvador, Chile)
  • Antofagasta Minerals, (Esperanza, Centinela, Chile)
  • MMG (Las Bambas, Peru)
  • Hochschild Mining, (Arcata, Pallancata, Peru)
  • Pluspetrol (Camisea, Peru)
  • Minera Hudbey (Constancia, Peru).
  • Minera Raura (Peru)
  • Minera Teck (Quebrada Blanca Fase II ,Chile)

Experience in the Field

Ecopreneur provides expertise designing, constructing, assembling and operating water treatment plants for:

  • Drinking water supply and wastewater treatment for mining camps.
  • Water conditioning and treatment for reuse in processes.
  • Supplying RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and other membrane systems.
  • Treatment of wastewater from gas scrubbing and other technologies to mitigate atmospheric emissions.
  • Water conditioning for boilers.
  • Treatment of copper concentrate thickeners overflow water, and metal recovery from waste water.
  • Neutralization and acidic water
  • Solid water separation.
  • Hydrocarbon separation process.
  • Concentration and dewatering of sludge, pulp and concentrated flows.