SUCCESS STORY: Reverse Osmosis System to Produce Ultra Pure Water

In a context of water scarcity such as the one that our country presents in recent times, Ecopreneur has been concerned with developing technologies that allow water to be reused, in this case, Reuse of Rejection of the Reverse Osmosis System to Produce Ultra Pure Water.

Ecopreneur developed a Treatment System whose objective was the Recovery and Reuse of Water from the rejection of a Reverse Osmosis Plant.

The scope of the contract consisted of the development of detailed engineering, Supply, Construction, Assembly and Commissioning of the system, with the challenge of recovering the maximum flow of water from 650 m3/d available and which was eliminated at a evaporation pool with other rejects.

The plant was designed as a container for quick assembly on site for an hourly average flow rate of 25 m3/h and the process considered the following treatment stages:

  1. Ultrafiltration membrane process for the removal of suspended solids and turbidity.
  2. Filter softening with ion exchange resins to reduce the total hardness content.
  3. Membrane system to reduce salinity. This last process consisted of a 2-step reverse osmosis system with a feed of 600 m3/day @ STD 10,800 ppm, the first step with seawater membranes with 66% recovery and a second step with seawater membranes. brackish water with 90% recovery, to finally obtain water with an STD content < 50 ppm and a recovered flow rate of 14.8 m3/h.

Do you have a project in which you need to recover and reuse as much water as possible? Write to us and we will advise you on the available options.

Hand in hand with Ecopreneur we will help to have a more sustainable Chile.

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