Client FLUOR – Quellaveco
Location MOQUEGUA – Perú
Date 2019 – 2020
Plant capacity 71.5 m3/h

Cooling system

The process begins with the physicochemical stage of coagulation and flocculation and then passes by gravity to the Lamella-type decanter, where the solid-liquid separation takes place. The clarified water continues its treatment in a battery of filters to remove turbidity and eliminate dissolved metals such as Arsenic (As+5), Manganese (Mn+2) and Iron (Fe+3). From the filters and with a pressure of around 20 mca in the line, it is passed to 2 reverse osmosis treatment trains. At this point, salts such as chlorides, sulfates, hardness are removed. For this, sodium metabisulfite is dosed prior to entry to control chlorine and antiscaling to protect the membranes.

The reverse osmosis system has been designed for 60% recovery, with a 1 pass and 2 stage system, with a total of 8 pressure tubes and 5 membranes for each tube in the first pass and 4 pressure tubes and 5 membranes per tube in the second step. 5 micron removal filters are also considered.

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