Client BHP Billiton – Minera Escondida
Location Puerto Coloso, Región de Antofagasta, Chile
Date 2018-2019
Flow 6.912 m3/d
Solution Desalination and reuse

Solid Liquid Separation Plant

The project consists of the supply of all the equipment for the Treatment Plant of the effluent generated by the Coloso Filter Plant, with the purpose of conditioning it to achieve the required quality that allows it to be mixed with the desalinated water to be produced by the operation of the project. EWS (Escondida Water Supply).

The implemented process is fundamentally based on the removal of suspended, coarse and fine material from the Filter Plant effluent, as well as organic material and products from the thickening processes upstream of the settling pool.

The process sequence considers:

  • Mesh filters.
  • Parkson Corp. Lamella® Clarifiers
  • Ultrafiltration system.
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